Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Review - The Splintering of Black America

Review - The Splintering of Black AmericaIn The Gifted and the Talented, Charles Murray writes about the disintegration of black America in America. The author has a gift for making readable essays into a story of dark revelation about the human heart. In this fascinating book, we are introduced to Thomas Sowell and our once strong black self is crumbling from within.The book describes blackness as the foundation for the moral and intellectual superiority of the white world. It describes the superiority of white values as the basis for the empowerment of the black citizen. If there is a greater evil than blackness, it is the shams of 'white supremacy'.There are two other forces that enter the picture; the sovereignty of the federal government and the impoverishment of the black citizen. These three forces have combined to create the vicious cycle of racial resentment, ridicule and rejection. We are told how Thomas Sowell led a movement to bring down the barriers that separate our civ ilization from the second world that was created by the European peoples.The ideas that he developed in his quest to destroy racial inequality and their belief in equality as being god, made him so unpopular in the white world that he ended up trying to ruin his reputation and became a source of shame to all of us. By his writings, he made the white world begrudgingly realize that blacks were not only inferior but they were also unable to compete and could not flourish.The Splintering of Black America is a moral and philosophical journey through the disintegration of the white world into the third world. The journey is symbolic of the path that leads to true justice and humanity. It is the crystallization of the value of true leadership, true equality and true decency.It is a book about a man who lived in a time when white Americans and Europeans hated each other. And he used his intelligence to destroy the root of that hatred in order to give everyone a chance to lead a better life .Race realists have realized that there is a greater truth to this theory than a lie. Through the writings of The Splintering of Black America, we have been able to see that the whole belief system of white supremacy has become an inverted self-fulfilling prophecy.

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